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Because industry never puts the brakes on

Neither do we

As your business accelerates, technology upgrades and customer behaviour constantly changes, our data is here to support your evolution into the future. In a changing world, our data is a constant, and it’s your key to making the most of every opportunity.

Driving better decision making

Cox Automotive Data Solutions is using data

to transform the way the world buys, sells, and owns vehicles

With data from every stage of the vehicle lifecycle, we help you make smarter automotive decisions and boost success across your business. We have access to an international network of brands, and that means our data covers every vehicle touchpoint.

With data going back 25 years, we see more than three million retail listings and nearly half a million wholesale transactions every year. We have detailed inspection data for millions of vehicles, and records of more than three billion consumer searches.

Good is not just good enough for us

We derive insights through careful listening and the interpretation of complex data, simplifying decision-making for our clients. We study our own business, consumer behaviour, and the market contexts that influence behavioural response to pricing, purchase, products, click through, and countless other decision points.

Over 100 years

combined experience in automotive

Over 20 years

combined experience working with Hadoop and other big data technologies

Over 50 years

combined experience with data and analytics

Data is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.
Peter Sondergaard, SVP Gartner Research

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Connected cars will be the more valuable asset in automotive by 2025.

Connected cars will be an essential asset - increasing levels of technology mean that they house more opportunities for data.

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Data 8th March 2018

Cox Automotive run the 3rd in their series of free webinars offering practical advice on GDPR

Delivered by our Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Ian Inman, the 3rd in our series will cover Breach Notification.

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News 1st March 2018

Cox Automotive are running a series of free webinars offering practical advice on GDPR

Watch the first in our series here, and sign up for the next focussing on consent.

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News 15th February 2018

The future is closer than we think - the reality of autonomous cars

Gone are the days where watching self-driving cars in the movies was futuristic fantasy; these are now an imminent reality.

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News 1st February 2018