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Whatever your focus, our data has the power to sharpen your operations and enable intelligent choices, every step of the way.

Our consultancy partners help you use data to transform your business. We work to understand your goals and plot a course to achieving them, by presenting the best information to the right people, at the right time. With data and insights sourced from across the vehicle lifecycle, we’re on the frontline of the automotive industry, building the bigger picture to benefit every business.

Whether you’re a dealer seeking to improve profitability on your forecourt; a leasing company looking to sell stock to the trade; or an OEM looking to understand where to add another franchised dealer, we’ve got the data and knowledge you need to improve your business and make changes for the better.   


Our Values

What makes a valuable consultancy offering?

A partner who lives and breathes your important decisions just like you do.

Deep expertise to deliver the best solution for your requirements.

Proof of the return on investment for your business.

Building your own capability to generate value from data.

What we deliver

Business case for data-driven transformation

Retrospective analysis of your data and ours, building a case for further investment

Implement a data solution within your business

Pilot a change in business process, measure the impact, assist with roll-out



Advice on data-driven transformation

Industry-relevant guidance on selecting tools, training people, building data teams



Bespoke predictive analytics

Recommendations and scores tailored to your specific business context


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Connected cars will be the more valuable asset in automotive by 2025.

Connected cars will be an essential asset - increasing levels of technology mean that they house more opportunities for data.

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Data 8th March 2018

Cox Automotive run the 3rd in their series of free webinars offering practical advice on GDPR

Delivered by our Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Ian Inman, the 3rd in our series will cover Breach Notification.

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News 1st March 2018

Cox Automotive are running a series of free webinars offering practical advice on GDPR

Watch the first in our series here, and sign up for the next focussing on consent.

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News 15th February 2018

The future is closer than we think - the reality of autonomous cars

Gone are the days where watching self-driving cars in the movies was futuristic fantasy; these are now an imminent reality.

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News 1st February 2018

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