Connected with your systems in a way that suits you

Our data is drawn from across Cox Automotive

That means it covers every aspect of the vehicle lifecycle


We know that data is the most important ingredient in boosting your business, and that’s why we offer it ready to use in a way that works for you.

Access information about any aspect of the automotive market, and integrate it with your systems to enhance performance and help you make more informed decisions. 

Whichever area of the vehicle industry you need to know about, we’ve got data to support your understanding and keep you one step ahead. Providing a broad market view across wholesale and retail markets, our data can be connected directly into your own platforms and systems, enabling you to transform your business. With information on everything from dealerships and trade to manufacturers, insurance and leasing, our data and insight will give you a competitive edge.

Valuation Data

We gather pricing information from every part of the market to help you accurately value everything on your digital forecourt. Valuing your vehicle with maximum accuracy is key to boosting profitability, and that’s why we give you the tools to ensure you’re doing it right.



‘Sell’ Data

With insights into the retail forecourt, across the market, and visibility of what your competition is up to, we’ve got the data to help you sell vehicles faster, more competitively and more profitably.



Benchmark Data

Our unique tools allow you to benchmark your dealership performance against the competition. Understanding how you’re doing against the backdrop of the bigger picture is invaluable when it comes to working out your next steps for success.



Direct Integration

Our data is available as application programming interfaces (API), which works as a communicator between your business and a broad range of data, knowledge and insight from across the automotive industry. We integrate with your systems by plugging directly into your platforms, helping your business access information to improve decision-making in the tools they already use.


Access our developer portal here, and sign in to put a world of data at your fingertips.

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Connected cars will be the more valuable asset in automotive by 2025.

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Cox Automotive are running a series of free webinars offering practical advice on GDPR

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The future is closer than we think - the reality of autonomous cars

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