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Advantages of Vehicle Insight

Trusted sources of data

Manheim has 400,000,000 used vehicle data points, and covers 70% of the retail market.

Easy to use

Works on all devices and really so simple and intuitive to use. All you need to do is add a vehicle reg. and mileage - Vehicle Insight does the rest.

Insights in one place

Manheim, and CAP together saves time by removing the need to look at multiple sources of information

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To get started

Simply enter the vehicle registration and mileage.



Wholesale price values

Vehicle Insight shows you both the Manheim and CAP values in one place

Vehicle Insight will present the Manheim trade value that has been adjusted from CAP by our experts to reflect current market conditions.

Plus it will also return the CAP Clean and CAP Average values so they can be referenced and benchmarked against.


National Retail market guidance

See the latest retail insight powered by  - displaying the critical market information at both a national and local level


Average Price
An average retail price is provided, which is derived from our vehicle listing data.


Market Price Range
A count and price breakdown of all the similar vehicles currently listed on

In addition to average pricing, we provide the most expensive and the least expensive, as well as the middle 60%. This price range helps to show how the majority of vehicles are priced.

Additionally, we also provide a view of how the market prices for these vehicles have changed over the last 12 weeks.


National Retail market guidance 

National Average Days To Sell
The average days to sell for the set of comparable vehicles today, as well as how this has changed over the last 12 weeks.


National Market Supply Indicator
A quick glance view of how supply levels of these vehicles have been changing nationally


National Retail market guidance 

Colour Popularity
The 5 most common colours based on the current vehicles available on the market

Catchment Area Retail insights

Catchment Retail Pricing Guidance

The ability to view the amount of these vehicles listed, and their average price, in different regions across the UK.


Catchment Market Conditions

A local area view on supply level changes as well as how many of these vehicles have sold and how quickly in the last 12 weeks.

Catchment Area Retail insights

Detailed Catchment Insights

For each region / catchment area, a more detailed breakdown of information is provided, as per the national view:


  • Average retail price (based on exact CAP ID matches)
  • Live market price ranges (high, low, mid prices and distribution)
  • Average Days to Sell
  • Supply Levels
  • Estimated Sales
  • Colour breakdown

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What can we help you with? Whether it's tools, data or consultancy you're looking for - we're the experts. Get in touch today and see how we can help.

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