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Understanding Your Need

Do you spend a lot of time wondering what vehicles will be best to buy?

Do you often buy vehicles that sit on your forecourt for long periods of time, depreciating in value?

Are you buying vehicles that are not generating your required profit?

Buying the right vehicles is key to selling faster and generating revenue. Buy the wrong cars and they can sit on your forecourt generating no interest and losing money, buy the right cars and you can quickly turn around a vehicle and make a nice profit.

Not only is it important to buy the right vehicles, it is important to buy them at the right price. 

Paying too much for a vehicle can mean that you have to increase your sell on price in order to create a certain margin which can mean the vehicle will sit on your forecourt for longer before it is sold.

Accurately knowing the value of the vehicle is key in buying the right vehicle as this allows you pay the right price and maximise your margin.

Our Solutions

All the information you need in one place to make efficient buying, selling and pricing decisions.

As simple as 1,2,3…

1. To get started - Simply enter the vehicle registration and mileage

2. Wholesale price values - Vehicle Insight shows you both the Manheim and CAP values in one place

3. Retail market guidance - See the latest retail insight powered by Motors.co.uk - displaying the critical market information at both a national and local level


  • Save time by removing the need to look at multiple sources of information
  • Motors.co.uk retail, Manheim trade and CAP data all in one place
  • Know how a specific vehicle compares using Motors.co.uk retail insights at both national and local level
  • Price vehicles realistically to maximise both profit and stock turn
  • Ability to complete a full vehicle appraisal within Vehicle Insight - get an accurate valuation when needed
  • Make better buying decisions by knowing what will sell, and where
  • Live market data + 90 day supply and demand trends
  • Understand what factors are influencing market supply and demand

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